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NERIAC Spring Festival & AGM





SPRING FESTIVAL 2020 – 4th April 2020


Due to a lack of entries for the N.E.R.I.A.C. annual competition, it has been necessary to cancel the competition.


Subsequently as the screening of the movies formed a major component of the festival the Regional Council have taken the decision to cancel the event.


The N.E.R.I.A.C. Regional Annual General Meeting will now be held on

Sunday 17th May 2020 at 1pm

prior to the N.E.R.I.A.C. Regional Council Meeting.


This will be held at the Day’s Inn Hotel,

Junction 46,

A1(M) Kirk Deighton,

Wetherby LS22 5GT


Signed: Derek Mathieson FACI

N.E.R.I.A.C. Regional Secretary

1Oth FEBRUARY 2020