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The Competition is open to residents in Northumberland, Tyne & Wear, County Durham, Cleveland, Yorkshire and Humberside for videos made without professional assistance and not made for financial gain.

Categories: either Fiction or Non Fiction.

There will be a winner in each section, one of which will be the declared the winner
of the REGIONAL SHIELD and receive a cheque for £50

Entrance Fee IAC Members and for Clubs = £3.50
Non IAC Members £5.50 Cheques payable to NERIAC

More than one entry can be made, subject to the rules.
If the entered disc does not have return postage, it must be collected at the event. Entry forms can be copied from Nor’easter, downloaded from the website www.neriac.co.uk

Acknowledgement of receipt will be sent by email or stamped envelope in included.

Copyright audio and visual clearance must be made by the entrant.
IAC Music Licence Number must be quoted if commercial recordings are used.
Captions of a win in other competitions are not permitted. Screen Time Not longer than 30 minutes
If High Definition Discs are submitted, they must be accompanied by a standard definition disc, for judging.
One Entry per Disc with a five second black leader before any title and music and any menu must be removed.
Clearly state on the box either 4 x3 or 16 x 9 format is used.
All trophies entered in the previous year must be cleaned and returned by 1st August Winning trophies must be collected at the event and will not be sent by mail Any certificate awarded, but not collected at the event will be sent by mail
All Entries to be sent to:
Derek Mathieson FACI
22 Pierremont Crescent
Tel: 01325 356140 Email: dereksc07@gmail.com